Live 4 Today

I got the rhythm of a marching band
so you better fold out your ears & pull out your cam’
this is once in a lifetime, man
one in a million, i ain’t no scam
two in a million, that’s a gang
n-i-k, j-a-y: yea, that’s a mother fukkin brand
badaboom, bada-badabang
see, back in the days it was tanqueray
now it’s a little bit of green & a chardonnay
all i wanna do is have my family
very close to me
like it’s supposed to be
so every sad mother fukker better toast to me
in a minute he will know what i was chosen to be
change the world with l-o-v-e
sex involved? yea, probably!
& i want the world to hear my music!
pay attention! pay for it
steal it. rob it. cop it.
screw & chop it. get your girl to pop it
to it. just because i want it. because i say so
got these #nikandjayjunkies so hooked because i stay dope

live 4 today
leave it all in the rear view mirror
we don’t care about mañana-na-na
feels like 100 on the freeway
free your spirit with me

..feels like 100, huh
feels good
buckle up, seat belt fastened
full speed ahead, i be the captain
all the chicks be askin’
‘where you from?’ – because i spit with an accent
i’m right here baby
you can call me the main attraction
them other dudes they be missing in action
but i got you
i’m fresh like toothpaste
they better tighten their shoelaces
and see if they can catch me
they can’t game, set or match me
i’m like john mcenroe in his heyday
they’ out where they can’t swim – mayday
so save me the bullshit
underplay, over deliver
i do it on a daily
all black shades but my future’s looking hella bright
self made motherfukker sharper than a butchers knife
and my baby is sweet like french toast
no clothes on
break the dress code
these #nik&jayjunkies are hooked because i stay dope