Im a nightrider and she’s a hummingbird
i turn my music up loud
and she know all the words
she likes a little flirt and im flexible
so tonight i got her name in my schedule
she’s original and im not like the other guys
I aint gonna lie – even my butterflies got butterflies
whe she move that thing from side to side
like a cobra’s head
she got a killer look, dont think that i dont notice it
and we stay awake – we’re not gonna go to bed
i mean, we can sleep when we get old & shit
hold your breath
embrace the early hour
roses on the bed
call it flowerpower
and we stay in the sky like the sears tower
then we heat it up
like we’re sleeping in a steam shower
goodbye – i already booked the flight
tonight were taking of // tonight we’re taking off????????
reaching for the moonligth..

she called me in the morning
told me she only wanted one thing
how she’d be waitin’ for me all day long
lookin’ forward to tonight
i told her: “when im done in the studio
im gonna be all over you”
yea, baby, come along with me
why dont you meet me in the moonlight?

i aint on that g’d up shit, nah
im on that real love shit, yea
so put ya pom-pom’s in the air, for it
& gimme that l, gimme that o,
gimme that v,e nothin’ above it
we don’t resort to violence
we resort to the greatest hooks ever
and then we add som violins
tho’ i could write hits with silence
scchh.., daddy’s workin’,
daddy’s surfin’ thru’ his mind
tryin’ to find the right words that
still gon’ be with us when the world ends
words that’ll do anything for her like a servant
words that bring me to the surface
words that taste like your first kiss
so listen carefully, girl, do yourself a favour
let me put my pen to your paper – word!

when the day is done & the sun goes down
she gets onboard & we leave the ground
listen to Billie Holiday
because im lost for words
whenever she’s around
lookin’ at stars & we don’t make a sound
’cause we good, yea, we good
& its all because
why, why, why, why-oh??
why don’t you meet me
in the moonlight, baby??