i feel it in my blood
here they come
i’ve seen it before
so i’m ready son
holy shit!
like a nun
come get some
& let it bump!!
let it bump!!
i talk fast
i spit classics
they call it hit & run
i preach peace
‘cause i’ve made peace with the past
word to mother
i’m clappin’ that ass

clappin’ on that ass
clappin’ on that ass
focus on the livin’ – puttin’ bottles on the tabs
we got ladies in the back
pockets full of cash
take that negativity
& toss in the trash

light up your cellphone
just like a lighter
& put it up higher
in the air
we gonna rise up
‘cause we’re on fire
tonight is gonna last forever
& a day
put it on replay
we got ‘em goin’:

feel the buzz
believe us
we bring the heat back
it’s like defrost
they gotta love it
‘cause it’s heartfelt
Copenhagen Pop Cartel
she got sick shapes
soft skin
i kick back
& let my fingers do the walking
we’ gon’ make it last
big applause
i be clappin’ on that ass

so many girls all over the globe
but none of them compare to you
‘cause when you’re doing it
you’re doing it just for me

so pretty little woman, yea, i really hope
that none of us will end up lonely
let’s make it happen
let’s make it clappin’ tonight
and i think i might hold on to your ass forever