in some gone story of old
my pulse is racing
on boarders towers in flames
my pulse is racing while
new winds blow taste like the cold
blinded by the sun
facing the wall

copenhagen pop cartel..

let’s make it simple
back to the basics
but i’m gonna bring you the latest
and put smiles on their lips like a facelift
flow so tight
like pants made out of latex
they better turn up the air-condition
i’m a shooting star
not running out of ammunition
bloody good something like a vampire
right in the middle
like a campfire
it feels nice
this is the one
but i might hit you twice
and she likes it cause her ass wiggles
i wanna taste her
she’s sweet like a bag of skittles
we’re so alive
yes indeed
so those who wanna hate
may they rest in peace
where i’m from
they say that we split the seas
but i’m fukkin amazing
to say the least

heard the echo of
never ending war
won’t cut the weekend short
freedom will answer your call

i used to be coldblooded
so now i’m cool forever
peace up
put your two & two’s together
middle name g
go ahead and pronounce that
fuck it
bring the bounce back
this is just a ref
this is just a test
this is just a wake up call
to my-mo’fukkin’ self
man in the mirror
from this planet of terror
this planet of sex
i understand my reflections
i understand that i’m next
yes i understand what it takes to be the best
be better than the rest
i think about it all the time
‘cause i’m restless
i got the wisdom of a veteran
scandinavian gentleman
nope i’m not being nervous
i was born this bloody arrogant
..and i got no fukkin’ clue
what they’re singing in this hook
but it sounds dope
bring it back