Ocean of you

i am creative
word is born
word to shawn carter
word to kelly
word to cobain
word to sofie
i can always try harder
it’s on
i am a father
yes i am a father
i am a foreigner
i am a warrior
will catch the light at the end of the corridor
believe me
very beautiful lines
breaking into my mind
most wonderful words
i’ve ever heard
like syllables and sentences
i wonder if they make sense and shit
but who gives a fuck if she hot like nevada
i mean hotter than lava
destiny is begging me to try her
while history is begging me to write her

i’m ready now
bring it on
and open door
and ocean of you
i feel your groove
bodies move
i dive into
and ocean of you

moonshine like a disco ball
reflections in my mind
i can see it all
she’s beautiful
eyes deep blue
it might be real
but to its too good to be true
yea i know what the say
even the brightest day
will have its sunset in some way
i keep walking on thin ice
you only get 1 chance
so why would i think twice?
the night is bright
she’s hot as fuck
me and her looking at the sky
star strucked
get behind this and theres no turning point
its now or never
flip a coin
yea that’s the game
baby the track’s insane
let this fire burn
it’s like we’re catching flames
i’m running out of oxygen
still i’m goin’ in

we turn this music
we turn this music up high
you got my words
you can have this song tonight
so hold your breath
put the rest of the world aside
we’re just gon’ do it
dive into it
the ocean of you

your deep blue eyes
the ocean of you