we-we don’t-don’t
don’t lie
we-we go-go
deep-deep into
the night

I have always felt that my
life was like a movie scene
in this fantasy world
is where see my dreams

I have always felt that i
like the northern lights
I belong to the sky
no regrets
and no more bullshit
and no re-wind

today we feel inspired
let me set your heart on fire
tonight we start a riot

it only takes 2 people to party
but everybody is invited
tonight we start a riot

why don’t you lift my body
lift my body
move my body
love my body
lift my body
take me off the ground

let’s get united

lift your body
lift your body
move your body
love somebody
lift your body
take it higher now

let’s get united

it’s going down again
good gracious
it’s all good
we’ve been doing this for ages
doors open
my crib so spacious
I’m gonna lift your body up like it’s weightless
so go call all your friends
it’s in the air tonight
like phil collins sings
such a really good vibe
so put your two’s up if you’re feeling alright
and i know you like it
make you walk the plank
like a pirate
just go all out
you can’t fight it
we’re so fly
no wings
no pilot

1000 hands up in the air
love is in the atmosphere
yeah we ain’t going nowhere

1000 people up in here
feel so freakin’ good i swear
we ain’t going nowhere